POSTED: MGK Lives In A Basement, Shares Favorite 'Invincible' Memory (VIDEO)

MGK talks about living in a basement and his favorite "Invincible" memory in this week's POSTED.

We may have to patiently wait until MGK's EST 4 Life mixtape drops (Aug. 14!) and his Lace Up album release (Oct. 9!), but take comfort in knowing that the Ohio-grown rapper is the MTV POSTED artist for August! All month long, we follow the Breaking Woodie winner through exclusive interviews, videos and photos over at

Last week, MGK chatted about what it was like to work with legendary rappers Diddy and Waka Flocka Flame, but this time around, we learn that just 'cause you're brushing shoulders with ballers doesn't mean you live like one -- MGK still lives in his manager's mom's basement. And that's how you work from the bottom up, guys.

Watch MGK chat about living in a basement and his favorite "Invincible" memories after the jump.

In the video, MGK admits that while he may be blowing up in the fame game, he wants to remain humble through the process, and that's why he still lives in a basement: "Honestly, I just really want to treasure this almost-famous stage." But just 'cause MGK is a cellar dweller doesn't mean he's not making magical memories along the way. In another video clip, the rapper talks about his favorite making of "Invincible" memory. Technically, it's a bummer moment that involves getting booed by 18,000 people in a Miami stadium, but MGK says the song taught him to hold his head high and brush it off his shoulders. Lesson learned: Haters gonna hate, but he don't give an eff -- even if there are 18,000 of them.

+ Watch MGK talk about basement living and his favorite "Invincible" memory.