New Song: Colin Munroe Featuring Pusha T, 'The Fight Of My Life' (Alternate Version)


The alternate version of Colin Munroe's "The Fight Of My Life" features an extra verse by Pusha T.

It took Canadian singer-songwriter Colin Munroe a second (and a half) to break into the music biz. But, once his his 2008 video for his remix of Kanye West's "Flashing Lights" went viral and his team-up with Drake on "Cannonball" dropped, Colin's career was booming. And did we mention that Kanye himself ended up including Colin's remix on one of his own mixtapes? Can't top Yeezy's co-sign unless you know God personally. Oh, and speaking of Kim Kardashian's boyfriend, his G.O.O.D. rapper and "New God Flow" collaborator Pusha T makes another cameo on the alternate version of Colin's Monroe's "The Fight Of My Life," which originally came earlier this year.

Listen to Colin Munroe featuring Pusha T, "The Fight Of My Life" (Alternate Version) after the jump.

Set to an ethereal, hip-hop rooted track that wouldn't feel out of place in a Bladerunner-type of haunted futuro setting or a SUPER emo-aggro Olympic training video, Colin's hazy alt-rock pipes set the tone as he sings, "Look at my hands look at my face look at my face what do you see/Look at my past look at ma scars they can tell you how I ever got this far/You can see my breath you know I am breathing/You can feel my heart you know it's beating." Intensity swag. Pusha's verse comes next, and not only does it give the song some rap game cred, but it's poignant all on its own: "Crawled up the gutters of the ghetto/ain't no guitars when we talking heavy metal/All I know is guns and roses selling poison/Force power steering through the city like an intrusion." Not sure I ever would have paired Colin's hazy rock pipes with Pusha's aggressive flow, but whoever did deserves something REALLY EXPENSIVE because it's an inspired collaboration. Be on the lookout for Colin's new mixtape, #UnsungHero, out soon.

+ Listen to Colin Munroe featuring Pusha T, "The Fight Of My Life" (Alternate Version) (NSFW lyrics).

Photo credit: EMI Music