Star Spotting: Joe Jonas And Nelly Are BFFs, Hang With The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (PHOTO)

Joe Jonas and Nelly are new BFFs on the set of "The Next."

While you're pencil pushing at your 9 to 5 or bored in class, Joe Jonas and Nelly's workday involves taking photographs with the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders for their grueling judging gig on "The Next." But don't be fooled guys: Being a celeb is really hard. You have to handle multiple appointments (manicures, massages, VIP parties), adoration from gazillions of fans and STILL be able take flawless photos. Also, being as handsome as these bros has to be plain EXHAUSTING.

Both the Jonas Brother and "Gone" rapper were snapped enjoying some QT with Dallas' football pep squad while taking a break from taping. Joe shared the photo on Twitter along with the caption:"With my Bro @nelly_mo and the Girls." But truthfully, we have to admit that we'd never thought we'd see a budding Joe and Nelly bromance! Hollywood friendships are so random. First, Lady Gaga and Lindsay Lohan become BFFs and now these guys? What's next -- Taylor Swift and Marilyn Manson? We can't even with that thought right now.

Photo credit: @joejonas