Video Premiere: Transit, 'Skipping Stone'

Transit's "Skipping Stone" video makes breakups look... kinda cool!

"I'm getting good at saying goodbye," Transit's Joe Boynton sings to open "Skipping Stone." But it's more than just a clever line. The song's video follows a couple calling it quits, exchanging the titular stone and heading their separate ways. Rather than divide up a story line with performance footage, the video offers three screens at once, following two actors' separate, solitary journeys as the Boston band soundtracks their split. The song serves as their internal monologues as they head to a sepia-toned beach, stir coffee and generally make pensive faces. We'd totally be bawling our eyes out -- shout-out to Zen breakups.

+ Watch Transit's "Skipping Stone" video after the jump.

The band's a favorite of Patrick Stump's -- the former Fall Out Boy lent his pipes to their track "All Your Heart" -- and it's easy to hear why. The track draws on pre-Dashboard Confessional emo influences -- the complex guitar work of Sunny Day Real Estate, the athletic drumming of The Appleseed Cast -- to create a smoldering anthem that wouldn't sound out of place on a Death Cab album. Transit's toured with Saves The Day and The Wonder Years and brought their brand of melancholic rock to this summer's Warped Tour, too (check out the Warped Tour photos they sent our way.) If you haven't caught Transit yet, they'll be joining Taking Back Sunday and Bayside in November -- staring deeply into the ocean's going to be mad cold by then, anyway.

+ Watch Transit's "Skipping Stone" video.