New Video: Gotye, 'Save Me'

Gotye's "Save Me" video is full of metaphors, guys.

By now, you're probably obsessed with Gotye and kinda sorta CANNOT WAIT for him to come out with new music. Well, today's the day, because the "Somebody That I Used To Know" mastermind has a brand-new video. We already fell in love with his cheeky half-animated video for "Easy Way Out," and now, the two-time VMA nominee is back on that animation tip with his latest, "Save Me."

Watch Gotye's "Save Me" video after the jump. 

Directed by Peter Lowey at Piepants Animation, the only thing wrong with the "Save Me" video is that we don't get to see Gotye's cute bearded mug. But, there's a bastion of cool GGI-meets-hand-drawn animation moments to tide us over. As Gotye's cheeky tune plays in the background, we see an animated man try to piece himself together. But it's only after he finds his other half that he feels whole and can go on to live what we assume will be a full and happy life in animation town. Yo, who knew cartoons could be rife with such powerful metaphors!

+ Watch Gotye's "Save Me" video

Photo credit: Kane Hibberd