Star Spotting: Adam Lambert Goes Platinum Blond! (PHOTO)

Adam Lambert channels his inner David Bowie with his new blond hair.

Let's pick up our broken hearts off the floor after hearing the news that Justin Timberlake IS NOT making new music and heal our wounds with this GORG picture of Adam Lambert rocking NEW WHITE-BLOND HAIR. He looks just like David Bowie! Wait, can everyone just take a second to imagine a fierce sing-off competition between Bowie and Lambert? The world would ring out with the sound of windowpanes shattering and minds being blown and unicorns descending upon the streets, nodding and neighing in approval of his beauty.

The "Never Close Our Eyes" singer ditched his infamous dark hair for shimmering platinum blond hair and shared a photo of his new look on Twitter with the caption "*New 'Do." While the sudden change probably came out of Adam's constant need to re-glam himself, wouldn't it be AH-MAZING if he updated his look for say, a new gig -- like possibly being the next "American Idol" judge!? On that note: PLEASE MAKE ADAM A JUDGE! Now excuse me while I go soak my hair in gallons of peroxide to show my allegiance. GLAMBERT STAN FOREVER.

Photo credit: @adamlambert