Watch Boys Like Girls' 'Buzzworthy Live' Acoustic Performance Of 'Be Your Everything' (VIDEO)

Watch Boys Like Girls' exclusive "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic performance of  "Be Your Everything."

Thank THE SWEET LORD ABOVE that Boys Like Girls decided to end their hiatus and take BLG diehards like us out of our collective misery with their brand-new The Crazy World EP, featuring their make-out worthy ballad "Be Your Everything" and their origami-inspired "Be Your Everything" lyric video. The single alone would've been enough for us, but they're stepping up their generosity game (and so are we -- hair flip!), as we present you with our very own, very exclusive "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic version of "Be Your Everything," (we're really into this song, in case you couldn't tell), shot live at MTV in Times Square.

Watch Boys Like Girls' "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic performance of "Be Your Everything" after the jump. 

Armed with only their voices and guitars, Martin Johnson and Paul DiGiovanni showcase their on-point pipes and pitch-perfect harmonies as they lovingly brood, in SUCH a classic late-'80s/ early-'90s rock style (getting some REAL "More Than Words" vibes over here), over their main girl. (Swoon on a thousand!!) Also, did we mention THE HOTNESS? Not to stray from the music, but, ALSO THE HOTNESS.

Boys Like Girls' The Crazy World EP is out now, and they'll be heading out on tour with The All-American Rejects this fall.

Watch Boys Like Girls' "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic performance of "Be Your Everything." 

Photo credit: MTV