Justin Timberlake May Be Putting Out New Music, And NOTHING ELSE IN LIFE MATTERS!

RED ALERT: Justin Timberlake MAY ACTUALLY be releasing a new album! IN REAL LIFE!

** UPDATE: OMG, wait, WHAT? Justin Timberlake's publicist told EW.com that he's NOT working on a new album??? **


HELL MAY BE DEFROSTING!  Justin Timberlake, the man who has taunted, teased and tortured by not making any new music (other than tiny snippets like this one) may actually be COMING OUT WITH NEW MUSIC! This is like, better than my future wedding (to him) right here.

According to Vibe, via Digital Spy, producer Jim Beanz revealed that he will be helping craft Justin Timberlake's forthcoming mystery album! "When I get back to the States, I'm going to be helping out on Shock Value 3 with Timbaland and the Justin Timberlake project," Beanz said. "It’s still in the early stages, but they have a lot of tracks. While I've been over here in the U.K. they've been working, so by the time I get back they'll have a whole load of ideas and I'm going to have to catch up! He has some crazy, crazy stuff."

OK, after dumping an NFL-size Gatorade dispenser of ice over my head to cool myself off, let's recall how amazing THIS song and THIS song and THIS song was. Right? AMAZING! Not sure who to thank for this incredible development but BLESS YOU WHEREVER YOU ARE. OK, now I'm gonna hold my breath until this album comes out, and you can't stop me. OK, bad idea, but you get that I'm REALLY EXCITED FOR NEW JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE MUSIC, right?

Photo credit: Getty Images