The Buzz On: Sheppard

Meet Sheppard, the six-piece indie pop outfit from Brisbane.

As you might have already guessed, we love few things more than a band made up of (cute) siblings! (Hanson, Jonas Brothers, Delta Rae, Kings Of Leon. HELLO.) And that's exactly what's happening with Brisbane, Australia's indie-pop outfit Sheppard. Made up of siblings George, Amy and Emma Sheppard, and friends Jay Bovino, Michael Butler and Jared Tredley, Sheppard is a six-piece powerhouse poised to take things over Down Under, and incidentally, also right here.

Listen to Sheppard after the jump.

Sonically, Sheppard reminds us a bit of the twinkling synth tracks of Ellie Goulding, mixed with the organic boy-girl musicality of a band like Fleetwood Mac. Or, in short, you can make out to their tunes AND play them nonstop on a 10-day road trip. Their self-titled EP, dropping on Aug. 28, is an eclectic mix of sugary, sweet pop songs interlaced with more somber poignant tunes, including "Pebble Road."

Sheppard have sold out venues all over their native Australia. But the band has their sights set on the Big Apple: This month, Sheppard will travel to NYC to make a cameo performance in the upcoming horror film "OLD 37" starring Brandi Cyrus (Miley's sis!) and Kane Hodder. Oh, and speaking of NYC, the band is slated to headline the prestigious Central Park SummerStage on Aug. 18. Riiiiight, so they're not even from here, yet New Yorkers are already loving them. If that doesn't mean big things for Sheppard, then we don't know what does.

+ Listen to Sheppard, and cop a free download of their song "I'm Not A Whore."

Photo credit: Sheppard

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