Video Premiere: Karmin, 'Hello'

Karmin's Amy Heidemann rolls through Chinatown in the band's new "Hello" video.

BREAKING NEWS: Karmin's Amy Heidemann does NOT sport her signature hair-bump even once in the band's new video for "Hello." I know, I KNOW -- it's tough to take. But, the video does have a ton of other redeeming qualities (like Amy's singing, her speed rapping, and the cuteness level of Amy and Nick as an IRL couple) to get us through.

Watch Karmin's "Hello" video after the jump.

In the video, a long-haired Amy struts her way through Chinatown. She tools around the area (in 8-inch heels, no less), while everyone stares at her because, well, she's crazy hot. Next, we meet up with Nick who seems to be having a hair crisis of sorts, as he ponders and then goes through with giving himself a buzz cut (no clue.) Nighttime falls and not only has Amy changed outfits, but she's strolling the dark streets alone... that is, of course, until her newly buzzed man comes and swoops her up in a dope car. We won't lie and tell you that we totally get the connection between the hair-cutting scene and the chilling in Chinatown, but it's dramatic and weird. And we're totally into Nick's new look. Also, don't forget to add the scene in the video where you're hugging to your wedding montage, guys! Just a friendly reminder.

+ Watch Karmin's "Hello" video.

Photo credit: Epic Records