Star Spotting: Paramore's Hayley Williams Takes Care Of Business With New Tattoo (PHOTO)

Paramore's Hayley Williams shows off her new tattoo and cute bangs!

Don't be fooled by Paramore's Hayley Williams' supersweet voice and her ability to woo us with cute pics of her snuggling with puppies, because she just reinforced her badass-ery (not that she really needs to) with a new tattoo! And while the photo caption, "TCB forever and always," hints that "TCB" stands for "Taking Care of Business," one of Elvis Presley's mottos and the name of his backup band and their logo, we'd actually like to think it actually means "The Cutest Bangs." We're loving the blonde locks.

"The Only Exception" singer shared the photo of her latest acronym/lighting bolt ink on Paramore's Instagram, and we really hope she got the ink to celebrate the band's almost-finished new album!? That or she got the tattoo to permanently kick some sort of bad procrastinating habit. Because while you may stick Post-it note affirmations on your mirror to force yourself to get things done, rock stars prefer extremely painful and very permanent tattoos as their reminders.

Photo credit: @paramorestudio