Lady Gaga And Boyfriend Taylor Kinney Reenact Their Mermaid Makeout Scene (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga and boyfriend Taylor Kinney have a pool party for two!

If you haven't already depleted your monthly drool quota while ogling the variety of toned Olympic swimmers (just me?), here's a photo of Lady Gaga and boyfriend Taylor Kinney enjoying a VERY INTIMATE pool party for you to obsessively stare at. To top it off, it even looks like Gaga skipped the bathing suit (but remembered the waterproof eyeliner) -- because a meat bikini and chlorine just don't mix.

We flipped out when Gaga shared the official title of her next album, ARTPOP, (after hinting at it with a new tattoo)! But then, Mother Monster added this INCREDIBLY sexy photo of the couple in the water on her profile, and we can't even with this FLAWLESS perfection of a couple. We're also curious if YuYi the mermaid is about to make another appearance, and if Gaga and Taylor were reenacting their hot mer-sex scene from "Yoü and I." I mean, wouldn't you if you had access to Taylor Kinney?

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