Song Premiere: Go Radio, 'Go To Hell'

Go Radio is happy to tell you exactly where you can go.

After the fiery fist-pumping of "Collide," Go Radio, from Tallahassee, Fla., descend into the flames once more on "Go To Hell." Singer/guitarist Jason Lancaster brings the drama with his whiskey-drenched vocals: "I'm O.K. by myself/You can go to hell." Easy, dude! We just wanted to borrow a cup of sugar. Thanks to its plonking piano, the track is unexpectedly bouncy, lending sweetness to the sour lyrics. But Lancaster saves his best grungy growling for the two-minute mark, as the guitars sizzle around him. The heat continues as the song leans briefly into ballad territory before another stomp-along chorus.

Listen to Go Radio's "Go To Hell" after the jump.

Go Radio's new album, Close the Distance, is due Sept. 18 on Fearless Records -- while you wait, we recommend following the photo-friendly quartet on Instagram, where bassist Matt "Burns" Poulos is capturing both tour vibes and his totally badass baby. Little dude's probably already booked a main stage slot on Warped Tour 2038.

+ Listen to Go Radio's "Go To Hell."