The Buzz On: The Ugly Club

The Ugly Club

The Ugly Club make handsome jams.

Only a crop of five humble dudes could name themselves the The Ugly Club. The New Jersey band's debut album, You Belong to the Minutes, is a handsome collection of medium-fi indie-rock reminiscent of The Walkmen with a dash of The Strokes and Spoon. (So in other words, every band we love, ever.) The group describes itself as an indie-rock-soul hybrid (again, all things we love), and you can hear a touch of singers like Frank Ocean (or at least Britt Daniel) in Ryan Egan's commanding, expressive vocals. And while their basic interests include "kissing girls,"  they've also got intellectual pursuits on their minds, as evidenced by their song "David Foster Wallace," which pays homage to the late novelist.

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The Ugly Club funded their debut LP through the power of social networking, scoring $6,501 on Kickstarter. And they're selling the set for a pay-what-you-want rate (with a $1 minimum) on Bandcamp -- we're pretty sure you'll want to empty your wallet after hearing songs like "Loosen Up," a jittery track that balances spiky guitars with choir-worthy harmonies.

And their sound has earned them critical supporters, too, with rave reviews coming in from Paste, Filter and CMJ, as well as actor and handsome man Adrian Grenier, who handpicked the band for a future recording session at his Wreckroom Records studio. After all that, The Ugly Club may want to change their name, because their future's pretty good-looking. Good thing they've still got big dreams ahead of them: "Sometimes a dude just wants to sail to an island or fly to Europe," Egan told The Wild magazine. Don't stop believing!

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