Video Premiere: K'Naan, 'Hurt Me Tomorrow'

K'Naan keeps it real cute in his "Hurt Me Tomorrow" video.

We fell hard for K'Naan when he collaborated with Nelly Furtado on "Is Anybody Out There," which earned them a VMA nomination for Best Video With A Message. And his latest video for the bouncy track, "Hurt Me Tomorrow," is just as sweet as the song's lyric video. In the video, from his Country, God, or The Girl album, K'Naan is surrounded by hot chicks dressed in rainbow colors as he sings, "If what I heard it's true/Then I know what you came to do/Love may be blind but I'm looking at you." Pencil-drawn animation keeps it cute, and while we're not quite sure how animation and hot chicks wearing primary colors fit together, we firmly stand behind any video that features cartoons, ball-jump balls, and shout-outs to Betty White and Nancy Kerrigan.

Watch K'Naan's "Hurt Me Tomorrow" video

Photo credit: Sasha Nialla