Star Spotting: Kanye West Throws The World's Best Side Eye (PHOTO)

Kanye West gives the camera one seriously unf***witable look while in New York.

We'll just get right to it: Kanye West's side eye is EVERYTHING. And if you stare closely at the picture, you can even hear the dramatic "DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNN" sound effect ominously encroaching upon you.

The "Mercy" rapper and 2012 VMA nominee was snapped texting (probs to Kim Kardashian about which outfit they should match next) while walking the streets of NYC, and he took a minute to offer one of the best side eyes in the history of side eye-ing. We're not sure what would inspire a look this severe from Kanye. Maybe someone on the street didn't understand his new Cruel Summer album artwork or made fun of him for zip lining with "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis. Regardless, we want answers, we want side eye lessons and we want to add this to our growing list of favorite Kanye West facial expressions.

Photo credit: Splash News