Lady Gaga Gets New Tattoo, Is It A Hint At Her New Album's Title!? (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga shows off her new ink! What does it mean?!?!

We proudly admit that we LIVE for the random things Lady Gaga drops on the world! She's surprised us with her sudden film debut announcement and her sudden besties relationship with Lindsay Lohan (we're STILL "huh?" about that). Now she's tweeted a photo to show off A BRAND-NEW TATTOO with no explanation of its meaning. GAGALOO is like a mystery wrapped inside of an enigma, topped with rainbow hair and stuffed into a giant egg!!

After holding our computer up to a mirror to reflect the backwards word in the photo (there must be easier ways, we know) from her social networking site,, we deciphered the ink to say "ARTPOP." Like we mentioned, Gaga didn't unveil exactly what the tattoo means, but we have a guess -- is it her new album name?! She's been hard at work on her next record and even previewed a song from her car window. Is this a very permanent press release? (She did get a "Born This Way" unicorn tattoo, after all.)

Whatever it may symbolize, we're just glad she always gets ink that means something, and not something random like a frog wearing a sombrero while throwing the bird in the air like mine someone after a spring break trip that got waaay too out of hand.

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