Star Spotting: Nick Jonas Is Such A Hot Baseball Player That We Almost GAF About Sports!

Nick Jonas wins at being a hot baseball player.

If we knew Nick Jonas was part of every baseball game, we'd have no problem putting down our cheese-drenched nachos at the ballpark to actually pay attention to the touchdowns or whatever you cheer for in the sport. (We know it's home runs, but if we play dumb, maybe Nick will wanna teach us the rules -- stay one step ahead, guys. Eh? See what I did?)

The youngest Jonas Brother was snapped enjoying America's favorite pastime while playing for the Wicked Wickets team in the Broadway League at NYC's Central Park. Nick continues to stand as the perfect symbol of the All-American dude specimen; not only is he musically and theatrically talented, the guy can look good in a sports uniform without losing a spec of charm. If this whole "American Idol" judging gig doesn't pan out, we suggest that Nick play ball in the big leagues! We'd buy our season tickets so fast AND even come decked out in our best cheerleading attire. (To spare you that sight, let's just hope he gets the "Idol" gig.)

Photo credit: Splash News