One Direction Reach 12 Million In Sales In 1 YEAR! (What Have You Done With Your Year?) (PHOTO)

One Direction gets a special award for their 12 million sales!

It really doesn't take much for us to give One Direction a standing ovation (Harry Styles could basically sneeze, and we'd still bow down), but the U.K. group deserves major props after a whopping 12 million sales in the last year (that's 8 million records, 3 million albums and a million DVDs sold worldwide!). That's exactly why Sony Music recently awarded One Direction with a special disc to celebrate their success.

The "What Makes You Beautiful" singers aren't only dominating in sales but also in the MTV VMA department with their two nominations -- there's a reason we devoted an entire GIF wall shrine to the guys. But if that's not enough One Direction action (it never is), catch the boys when they perform LIVE at the VMAs! And if you're having trouble waiting for the big day, we suggest hyperventilating into your body pillow while sleeping next to all your 1D merch. It usually works for us.

Photo credit: Sony Music