OMG ALERT! Katy Perry And John Mayer May Be A New Couple, Guys! (PHOTO)

Katy Perry might be moving on with John Mayer, guys. GUYS!!!

Not even sure how to begin or form coherent sentences because HOLY EVERYTHING Katy Perry and John Mayer may be a new couple! Not to toot my own horn, but I haaaave always kind of thought the "Wide Awake" singer would make sweet love sweet music with the "Queen Of California" singer, and now it may be actually happening!

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In addition to being nominated for four VMAs, Katy was seen leaving the famed Chateau Marmont with none other than a currently long-haired John Mayer! Big week! Buckled safely into John's car (atta girl!) Katy had a sly smirk on her face as she was chauffeured by her rumored new boyfriend. Without jinxing anything, can we just say, we think this is a match made in heaven? John's kinda badass (he's screwed up in the past, but he's apparently working on... not doing that and not being an "idiot"), and Katy's not sure if she can keep her candy-coated image up forever. They both have tattoos, dark hair and abnormally hot bodies! We can't -- we simply just cannot! We're excited, you two! Keep up the good work and the dating. Also, I know I'm jumping the gun a tad but how are we feeling about "Kayer" as John and Katy's couples nickname? Or perhaps "Jerry?" No? We're just spitballing here. Anyway, VIVA LA KATY AND JOHN!

Credit all photos: Pacific Coast News

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