New Video: Pitbull Featuring Shakira, 'Get It Started'

Shakira and Pitbull get cozy in their "Get It Started" video.

Remember that one time you were sort of dying to see Shakira in a stunning gold ball gown (THAT DRESS! THAT BODY!) while Pitbull planned an escape attack with his scorned lover? Oh, you do? Cool, because that's what happens in Pitbull's "Get It Started" video. Slated to appear as the first single off Pitbull's forthcoming Global Warming, Pitbull and Shakira's "Get It Started" is an upbeat, club-ready jam that's got an action-filled video, featuring Mr. Worldwide on foreign turf, to go along with it.

Watch Pitbull's "Get It Started" video featuring Shakira after the jump. 

Directed by Pitbull's longtime collaborator David Russo, the video features the "Back In Time" rapper participating in a dangerous love triangle. While Shakira mainly stays perched atop a beautiful terrace, we learn that Pitbull has his sights set on another man's woman. Unfortunately, this other man happens to have a team of bodyguards and trained killers around at all times (hate when that happens!), so when Pitbull and his side piece try to run off together, they face some daunting opposition. We won't spoil the ending, but let's just say that in between a hot make-out scene and a "Mission Impossible"-caliber car chase, the night ends in a Pitbull concert. Pitbull: always working!

+ Watch Pitbull's "Get It Started" video featuring Shakira

Photo credit: RCA Records