We Like Matchbox Twenty's 'She's So Mean' Video A Lot, But It REALLY Looks Like That One Daughtry Video

The men of Matchbox Twenty are terrorized by an angry, hot woman in their "She's So Mean" video.

What did Matchbox Twenty do to make this girl so mad? To quote Taylor Swift: "Why you gotta be so mean?" Maybe she's angry it took five years for the band to return with their upcoming fifth album, North. Or maybe she's upset because the their new "She's So Mean" video looks A LOT like Daughtry's "Crawling Back To You" video. You say we're crazy? Ahem...

Watch Matchbox Twenty's "She's So Mean," and check out Daughtry's very similar video after the jump.

In the "She So Mean" video, the band mostly plays in a seemingly abandoned office or bank space (that looks like the kind of place they'd store sick people in one of those terrifying virus outbreak movies), until a woman hell-bent on arson swings by. She breaks their instruments, taunts them, even sets their stuff on fire! Clearly, she's got some issues worth sorting through. But, we couldn't help but notice something. The video seemed AWFULLY familiar. Then it hit us -- it's in the same place as Daughtry's "Crawling Back To You" video! Yes! Can't float one past us, Matchbox Twenty. Don't believe us? Check out this photographic proof.

This is Matchbox Twenty "She's So Mean" video.

This is Daughtry's "Crawling Back To You" video.

This is Matchbox Twenty "She's So Mean" video.

And this is Daughtry's "Crawling Back To You" video.

We rest our case, your honor. Quit badgering the witness. I OBJECT! Okay, got carried away for a moment there. But the point remains the same. They are nearly the exact same video. "She's So Mean" was directed by Rich Lee, while "Crawling Back To You" was directed by Laurent Briet. So, different directors, same inspiration (and possibly the same location scout?). We drop all charges against the attractive young lady in the Matchbox Twenty video, she was under extreme emotional distress from a severe case of déjà vu. Matchbox Twenty is so ordered to send her a copy of their new album, North, when it drops Sept. 4.

+ Watch Matchbox Twenty's "She's So Mean" video, and watch Daughtry's "Crawling Back To You" video.

Photo credit: Atlantic Records & RCA Records