New Video: Passion Pit, 'Constant Conversations'

Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit reluctantly lives the high life in their "Constant Conversations" video.

Passion Pit's latest album, Gossamer, even at its danciest moments, is an open book for singer Michael Angelakos to express his personal high and lows. Speaking to MTV News about the personal nature of the record, Angelakos described Gossamer as "being very open and honest, but that was my therapy in a way." Their video for the latest single from the album, "Constant Conversations," definitely echoes his issues with fame.

Watch Passion Pit's "Constant Conversations" after the jump.

"Constant Conversations" takes place at a fancy party on a private estate. Michael walks into the scene and is greeted by maids, aristocrats and famed Hollywood director Peter Bogdanovich (who knew he hung with Passion Pit?). The halls are gilded in gold, guests (seemingly too bored and too rich) sip champagne and eat off of fine china. It all feels very Sofia Coppola.

Michael, feeling disillusioned from the detached guests, roams the grounds and finds a snake in the bathtub. (They probably haven't even seen that tub for weeks, let alone visited that wing of the house.) So, basically, everyone at the party is very beautiful, very rich, but also very bored and possibly evil. The video speaks to the album's message of breaking through the numbness (and possible evilness?) his party guests clearly live by. Michael, please feel free to attend one of my house parties. They may not be fancy, but we're all cool and we never run out of Doritos.

+ Watch Passion Pit's "Constant Conversations" video.

Photo credit: Passion Pit's Facebook