10 Things To Know Now: Taylor Swift's New Guy, Justin Bieber Tweets Olympics + Jay- Z Video Game On The Way

Taylor Swift's holding hands with a new boy and more on 10 Things To Know Now!

1.) Our only advice about the budding romance between Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy: Bro better be good to her, or else the whole world will hear about it on her next album (like we did with the whole John Mayer situation). (MTV News)

2.) Selena Gomez must channel her inner rock star for the new indie film she's appearing in, "Parental Guidance Suggested." Judging by her VMA nod, we don't think it will be hard for her. (MTV News)

3.) Here's a hint on how to get Justin Bieber to tweet at you: Just win an Olympic gold medal like Missy Franklin did. The "As Long As You Love Me" singer sent a congratulations message to the swimmer providing more proof that Twitter is a magical place. (MTV Newsroom)

4.) Jay-Z continues his world domination, now as a video game producer for NBA 2K13. He's even designing the soundtrack, which includes tunes by Kanye West, Coldplay, Santigold and U2. Is it weird to buy a video game just for its music? (Vibe)

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5.) Ke$ha shared a handwritten note (A+ on penmanship, BTW) for her fans promising that her new album is on its way, and she suggests we "get pumped!" We're already growing our beard in anticipation. (We Are Pop Slags)

6.) Set your DVR's, guys: Flo Rida and fun. will perform at the 2012 "Do Something" Awards (an event that celebrates the world's best do-gooders), airing on VH1 on Aug. 21. (VH1)

7.) Check out Nelly Furtado's "AOL Sessions," where she performs acoustic renditions of "Big Hoops," and "Maneater," and unveils her new tune, "Parking Lot." The latter is found on the forthcoming album The Spirit Indestructible, which drops Sept. 18. (That Grape Juice)

8.) We're not the only ones surprised by Snoop Dogg's sudden evolution to Snoop Lion and his new reggae sound. Even longtime friend and mentor Dr. Dre is baffled by Snoop's career switch. (RapFix)

9. Ever have a hard time understanding Lil' Wayne lyrics? Us too! Here are some very clever illustrations that may help. (BuzzFeed)

10.) Before Madonna, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé were flawless on film, they had awkward home videos just like us! The difference: They're rich and famous now, and we still look like dorks on camera. (Bust)

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