Star Spotting: Kat Graham Is The Only Woman To Ever Look Sexy While Throwing A Frisbee (PHOTO)

Kat Graham manages to look stunning even while throwing an orange plastic disc in the air.

Not to rag on the frisbee community, but it's not like they're exactly known for being the sexiest sport on the block. Women's beach volleyball is all bikinis and spiking, swimming is all agility and grace, and frisbee is well -- throwing a nifty plastic disc. HOWEVER, frisbee-obsessives worldwide should send a giant thank you note to Kat Graham, because the "Put Your Graffiti On Me" singer just managed to make frisbee look like the sexiest sport in the whole damn world.

See more of Kat Graham at the beach after the jump.

The 10 Things I'm Obsessed With alum and her boyfriend Cottrell Guidry were snapped on the beach yesterday showing off their stunning bodies, frolicking, kissing and having romantic movie moments, even though nobody was filming an actual movie. Kat slayed the bikini game in her high-waisted retro yellow suit, and if you look close enough, you might actually realize that Cottrell's abs rival Ryan Lochte's. So yeah, time to thank Kat and Cottrell, frisbee lovers! This couple is doing WONDERS for the future of your sport.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News