Star Spotting: Avril Lavigne Will Always Out-Badass You EVERY Time (PHOTO)

Avril Lavigne takes a break during an Abbey Dawn photo shoot to remind us of her badass-ness.

If Avril Lavigne's recent Mexican fiesta where she danced on tables and grabbed her friend's boob doesn't prove her IDGAF stance on life, here's more photographic proof that her badassery is timeless. Also, if you're wondering if Avril is the cutest girl ever to wear skulls, the answer is YES. If you disagree -- there's the door.

While we VERY patiently wait for some new Avril music, we can definitely settle for this adorbz photo of the "What The Hell" singer taken during her latest Abbey Dawn photo shoot. Avril shared the photo on her Facebook with the caption, "Chillin on a couch on my lunch break at my Abbey Dawn photo shoot right now. Shoes!" It's nice to know that while we may never be badass equivalents to Avril, we at least have something in common: a shoe addiction! That and taking shameless #GPOYs while lounging on our lunch breaks. Her pics just happen to capture an effortless rock star vibe, while ours document the food stuck in our teeth.

Photo credit: Avril Lavigne's Facebook

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