Go Behind The Scenes Of Mayday Parade's 'Stay' Video

See how Mayday Parade went EPIC on the set of "Stay."

There's a first time for everything, and Mayday Parade's "Stay" video has plenty of firsts. In new behind-the-scenes footage from the set, the band unveils the new experiences that led to the finished product -- starting with their IRL meeting with filmmakers Thunder Down Country, who previously did the group's animated "Oh Well, Oh Well" video. It's Mayday Parade's first video in a studio, and Thunder Down Country's first filming with the new blockbuster-grade RED EPIC camera. Singer Derek Sander even figures out how to tie a tie as the band suits up. Smart decisions, gentleman.

Watch Mayday Parade's behind-the-scenes footage from their "Stay" video after the jump.

The Florida-bred group filmed the video in Ohio, which also involved a treacherous drive through the snow. "We had to take it pretty slow," Sanders says. "There were cars spun off the road all over the place." Luckily for us, road safety and making a sweet video are at the top of Mayday Parade's to-do list. See how they did it below.

+ Watch Mayday Parade's behind-the-scenes footage from their "Stay" video, and watch the "Stay" video.