WHY Is One Direction's Harry Styles KISSING A BRIDE!?? (PHOTO)

One Direction's Harry Styles kisses a very lucky bride.

So, we don't wanna panic you guys or anything, but One Direction's Harry Styles kissed a bride! Yeah, all we can say is that BETTER JUST BE FOR PRACTICE, bro. We're totally cool with Harry wearing a ridiculous looking sombrero, we have no issues with him showing off his new Ferrari and we have zero qualms with him getting up-close-and-personal with a koala. HOWEVER, it's truly painful for us to witness him kissing another woman, let alone a BRIDE!

As the story goes, Harry was out taking a relaxing stroll in Oxford yesterday when he stumbled upon this blushing bride! Naturally, the newlywed was ready to ditch her husband and run away with Harry was excited to see a member of One Direction, and Harry obliged her with a gentle kiss on the cheek. Honestly, best wedding entertainment ever, and SHE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO PAY FOR IT! Also, congrats honey, because you're probably the only woman in history who was totally encouraged to kiss another man on her wedding day.

Photo credit: FameFlynet

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