10 Interesting Things I Noticed About The 2012 VMA Nominees (And Most Of Them Are About Rihanna)

The 2012 VMA nominees: battles, BFFs, and boy bands!

The 2012 MTV VMA nominations are out! You've probably got many opinions about them (NO KRISPY KREME!?? DUDE WAS ROBBED!), and so do I. But because I'm the one with the mic (I have no idea how that happened), let's talk about a few interesting things I've noticed about this year's VMA nominees.

1.) Rihanna's got one of the biggest potential VMA hauls -- she's up for five VMAs. Katy Perry's up for four VMAs, and they're battling each other in head-to-head hot-girl-to-hot-girl competition in four different categories: Video Of The Year, Best Female Video, Best Art Direction and Best Visual Effects. My thing is like, I hope this doesn't affect their BFF status, you know? I actually hope they each win two each for the sake of parity and for the sake of friendship.

2.) Rihanna's got four different videos on the board -- "Take Care," (which she's nominated for with Drake), "We Found Love," "Where Have You Been" and "Princess Of China" via Coldplay. If you're Rihanna, how do you choose your favorite video? Do you think she does that thing my mom did, where she told me and sisters that we were each her favorite so we'd all think we were the most special in a backward way? Like, HOW DO YOU CHOOSE? Thankfully you guys are doing the voting.

3.) Five of the six professional VMA categories feature a video Rihanna was in. The point is, if you want a cool-looking video, make sure Rihanna's in it.

4.) Speaking of Rihanna, both Drake and Chris Brown are battling each other in the Best Male Video category... Awkward.

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5.) Speaking of guys doing battle in the Best Male Video category, Usher's up against his protégé, Justin Bieber, in that category. Total "Emma" situation but with dance battles and gratuitous use of the word "swaggy."

6.) And speaking of students becoming masters, Carly Rae Jepsen, whose BOSS is Justin Bieber, is up for Best New Artist, which Justin Bieber won in 2010. Justin Bieber's probably like "Oh man, now I know how Usher must feel." And then he's probably like "whatever, swag," and hops in his chromed-out Fisker Karma and goes to Taco Bell.

7.) Speaking of Justin Bieber, he and girlfriend Selena Gomez were both nominated for VMAs; he's nominated for Best Male Video and Best Pop Video, and Selena Gomez and the Scene are nominated for Best Female Video. I hope they both win for the sake of things not being awkward in their relationship, you know? I wouldn't want to be "the one who didn't win a VMA that year" in the relationship, you know?

8.) Both One Direction and The Wanted were nominated for Best New Artist, which was a relief to me, quite frankly, because both British boy bands are so obscenely hot talented and have major hustle and were equally deserving of a nod. (I thought "Glad You Came" alone should've been nominated for EVERYTHING, but they didn't ask me this year. Anyway, it'll be interesting to see if either band can steal Best New Artist away from fun., Carly Rae Jepsen or Frank Ocean.

9.) Two Beyoncé songs were nominated, "Love On Top" and "Countdown." As a Beyoncé Stan, I think EVERY Beyoncé song should be nominated for EVERY award, so if one wins and not the other, I'll be deva, personally.

10.) Duck Sauce's "Big Bad Wolf" was nominated for two VMAs, proving that you can have a high-dea as completely revolting, hilarious and NSFW as making a video made of human d***heads, and you could wind up nominated for two VMAs. Nicely done!

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