Video Premiere: Miguel, 'Adorn'

Miguel chases a mysterious woman in his "Adorn" video.

Miguel is no stranger to taking matters into his own hands and being bold -- remember when he released his Art Dealer Chic EPs for free earlier this year? And "Adorn," perhaps the brightest spot of the fantastic releases, is a sexy, dizzing declaration of love that'll have you hitting the repeat button over and over. So it's only fitting that Miguel's dropping a video that's just as fearless as he is.

Watch Miguel's "Adorn" video after the jump.

At the beginning of the video, we follow Miguel down a dimly lit hallway and quickly cut to him chatting up a girl in a bathroom. As he attempts to follow after her, he encounters strange things in this seemingly abandoned building, including a female gymnast doing backflips (shouldn't she be in London?). All the while, Miguel, tricked out in a slim-fitting suit, sings "Let my love adorn you/ You gotta know that I adore you." Personally, I don't know why she's making herself so unavailable. Miguel clearly has crazy-good game. And hustle.

+ Watch Miguel's "Adorn" video.

Photo credit: RCA

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