Star Spotting: Demi Lovato Works With A Real, Live Leopard (PHOTO)

When you're Demi Lovato, the zoo comes to you.

It's THE BEST year to be a wild animal, guys! First, a whale scores a Shakira smooch, then a monkey gets to kiss Justin Bieber, and now a a leopard gets to score some chill time with Demi Lovato! We'd give anything to be that cat... and to look as good as it does in animal print.

The "Give Your Heart A Break" singer was snapped featuring fearlessness next to a leopard while shooting a PSA for for Voto Latino (an organization that encourages young Latinos to vote). She then shared the leopard photo on her Twitter for us all to marvel. We especially love Demi's photo caption: "Just working with a leopard on set yesterday... No big deal... #votolatino," because she seems equally impressed with her own bravery as we are (we've seen "When Animals Attack" specials and KNOW the ish that can go down).

But when you have the courage to sit next to the EXTREMELY intimidating Simon Cowell during "X Factor" judging like Demi does, hanging with a ferocious wild cat probably seems breezy as a quick run to Starbucks.

Photo Credit:@ddlovato

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