New Video: of Verona, 'Castles'

Meet of Verona -- exciting rock band, believers in werewolves.

Here's a little factoid for you: L.A. indie rockers of Verona were named after Shakespeare’s earliest known play, Two Gentlemen of Verona. But that's pretty much where the comedy, hi-jinx and hilarity ends, as the band's new The White Apple album is an exploration into the darker side of electro-rock. And that darkness has served them well since their music has already been featured in the Season 2 premiere of "Teen Wolf." And that darkness abounds in the video for their lush lead single, "Castles."

Watch of Verona's "Castles" video after the jump. 

In the performance video, lead singer Mandi Perkins (who also happens to look like a supermodel) unfurls Evanescence-level emotion as her perfect hair blows in the wind. Other than a stellar performance, not much else really happens, but we're kinda into it since it gives us a legitimate reason to stare at Mandi and the rest of the toothsome band.

And lest you assume of Verona's all doom and gloom,  we should mention that they're actually hilarious; we caught up with them at their album release show, where we asked if all of that "Teen Wolf" action had them believing werewolves are real. Mandi didn't hesitate to confirm her mythical, lycanthropic alliance. "You could be a werewolf, I could be a werewolf," she said. Mandi Perkins? You are my spirit animal.

+ Watch Of Verona's "Castles" video, and watch them discuss werewolves.

Photo credit: of Verona's Facebook