Eminem Has Most Facebook Likes For A Music Artist EVER!

Eminem has more than 60 million Likes on Facebook. Yup, even more than Gaga!

Fan armies of the world, the numbers are in: Eminem is the King of Facebook. His is the first music page to reach 60 million likes. 60 MILLION. No, you did not misread. The rap megastar holds the crown for most likes, which you would think belongs to the regal Lady Gaga (she already has a title in her name) or the late, great Michael Jackson (the King of Pop in his own right). But Slim Shady stands tall as the most liked music page on Facebook according to the most recent numbers.

And while, yes, it's true that Eminem is out in front for now, there is a challenger quick on his heels: pop princess Rihanna. The "Where Have You Been" singer is closest to Em with 59 million likes. I guess all of that hard work looking good at the beach has paid off for her. All of these millions of likes is ridiculous. I can barely keep track of a couple hundred I have. But of course, I don't have a bunch of platinum records, and my beach pics would never be mistaken for a professional photo shoot. In fact, I have sold no records, and my pics are rather more likely to be photobombed by some dude I don't even know. So, maybe that's the difference.

Photo credit: Getty Images