Beyonce Throws Up The Roc Hand Sign, Reminds Us She's The Best Wifey Ever (PHOTO)

Beyoncé throws up the Roc sign, wears a Jay-Z T-shirt, is clearly the perfect wife.

When we're not busy being infatuated with Beyoncé and Blue Ivy, we're busy being jealous of her social life and "Brady Bunch"-style perfect family photos. When that's not happening, we're backing her support of Frank Ocean and stalking her everyday life as depicted on her blog. It's a tough job, but we'd pretty much do it for free.

Beyoncé's latest photo posts prove something we actually already knew: She's the most supportive wife on the planet. Not only is Beyoncé nailing the ever elusive "I look fully stunning even though I'm in casual wear" moment, but she's throwing up the Roc Hand symbol in support of her husband, Jay-Z. She's also sporting a Jay-Z T-shirt, and, though we can't see her bottom half, we have a feeling she's probably rocking some Watch The Throne tour sweat pants or whatever and doing it well. Now that's a ride-or-die chick.

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