Video Premiere: Ludacris, 'Jingalin''

Ludacris throws the ultimate pool party in his "Jingalin'" video.

Ludacris' "Jingalin'" video is part "Girls Gone Wild" tribute, part stripper pool party, and total violation of Jell-O. Da Internz-produced song samples the melody from LL Cool J's 1990 hit "Jingling Baby," and the video is guaranteed to make you feel really boring and dull/insecure about the Tiki-themed backyard pool party you threw this past weekend.

Watch Ludacris' "Jingalin'" video after the jump.

Inspired by the film "Project X," Ludacris explains, "I've shot some wild videos in my day, but this right here, by far, might be the wildest. If you ever seen the movie, it's just one of those wild nights where the party just goes everywhere and anywhere you can imagine it to go." We're gonna have to agree with the Atlanta rapper on this one. We won't spoil all the fun for you, but suffice it to say there's a scene involving Jell-O wrestling in a kiddie pool, and Ludacris is the referee. Then there's that time when a mad-expensive car ends up in the middle of the pool and Ludacris uses it as a floatation device. And then there are the butts. It's a video that probably won't win Luda any invites to fund-raising dinners thrown by women's rights organizations, but it's vintage Luda. Proceed at your own risk, and don't even bother calling the neighbors.

+ Watch Ludacris' "Jingalin'" video (warning, NSFW language).

Photo credit: Def Jam Records