Video Premiere: Dan Black, 'Raw'

Dan Black gets deep in his 'Raw' video.

You know Dan Black? He's the electro-pop artist who made a splash with his soaring "Symphonies," which not only earned him a 2010 MTV VMA nomination but demonstrated that he was brave enough to sample Rihanna's nearly untouchable "Umbrella" and then totally nail it. After touring with Robyn (we diiiie) and covering hip-hop songs, Dan's back with more metallic-tinged pop perfection that advocates a mantra we can get totally behind: Just chill and be yourself. (So, YOLO, basically.)

Watch Dan Black's "Raw" video after the jump. 

In the video, Dan makes his way to a beautiful beach where he dances with women wearing gold lamé jumpers. (Why not a bathing suit, though? Don't be ashamed of your bodies, ladies!) They spin, twirl and clearly DGAF about how weird (but in a good way!) they look. Dan then finds himself in a dark room sitting next to a woman with a tie around her mouth (??). While this scene doesn't quite fit with the beach motif, we assume it's a metaphor for the pitfalls of self-censorship or for not letting your true feelings out. One of those. I think! The sun goes down, and Dan's surrounded by the women who've ripped off their skin and morphed into beautiful bird ladies as the song explodes into a Coldplay-worthy climax. The whole point is that if you wear gold lamé to the beach, you'll ultimately end up taking it off. (Which is a metaphor for being yourself!) And that Dan Black remains a master of artistic electro-pop.

Watch Dan Black's "Raw" video

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Photo credit: Cocoon/Ultra Music