New Song: The Wallflowers, 'Reboot The Mission'

The Wallflowers return after seven years with 'Reboot The Mission.'

We know and love The Wallflowers for their earnest, folky rock and for how good Jakob Dylan's bone structure is (OBVS), but the band's showing a new side on "Reboot the Mission." (And Jakob still looks good. Phew, close one.) The Wallflowers' first single in years bounces with a murky ska feel that recalls the Jamaican influence of punk icons The Clash. Of course, when you're The Wallflowers, you can probably just text former Clash member Mick Jones to lay down some guitar and vocals. Oh nvm, they ACTUALLY did that.

Listen to The Wallflowers' "Reboot The Mission" after the jump.

"It made sense to us to ask the mighty Mick Jones to partake," Dylan told Rolling Stone, probably right after eating a five-course meal personally cooked by Anthony Bourdain, while laughing it up with Kate Upton about how great life is. OK, we may be jealous of the rock star life, but we're just happy to hear the band back in action. Their new album, Glad All Over, is the Wallflowers' first since 2005's Rebel, Sweetheart. Drag and drop "Reboot the Mission" into your "Ageless '90s Heroes" playlist right next to No Doubt's new jam, and that should pretty much handle your grooving needs -- at least until Glad All Over lands Oct. 2.

+ Listen to The Wallflowers' "Reboot The Mission."