New Song: Diggy, 'Burn (Freestyle)'

Diggy invites the haters to stay pressed on his new track, 'Burn.'

Though we met him as a kid on "Run's House," MTV Push alum Diggy has proven himself a formidable force in the rap game, with a series of bangers like "88" and "Do It Like You" and a softer side, like his "Four Letter Word" cut (not to mention more than 1 million JetSetters strong on Twitter). But today, the rapper keeps going on his new track, "Burn (Freestyle)."

A remix of Big Sean and Meek Mill's Jahlil Beats-produced "Burn," Diggy shouts out the original MCs who gave the song the life before addressing his haters: "Y’all keep talking about my first week, I don’t know why y'all bother/Sold out every show this year, cheapest seat 10 dollars.../And I ain’t even 18/So what you look like hating me?/I’m made to be majorly and creatively able/Because the greatest enabled me when he came out in ’83." It's the ultimate brag track. Haters, stay pressed, because basically, Diggy's calling you all basic.

+ Listen to Diggy's "Burn (Freestyle)."