The Most Adorable Photos Of Demi Lovato At The Teen Choice Awards

Demi Lovato hosted the Teen Choice Awards, and we obsessively combed through all of the photos (as usual).

In honor of Demi Lovato's stellar job as host of the Teen Choice Awards last night, we've collected our favorite Demi photos of the night. (It wasn't an easy job, because she does NOT take a bad photo.) We're also doing it because we're obsessed with Demi (obviously). We're a leeeettle excited to see her in action at her new job -- a judge on "The X Factor" -- because she's a role model for young girls and because she strikes crucial poses like THIS one.

As you might have already guessed, Demi looked stunning and adorable in every photo from last night, so choosing our favorites was sort of like deciding which cat in this photo has the best facial expression. Or in other words, nearly impossible.

If you missed the Teen Choice Awards last night, then we'll remind you that in addition to wearing three different outfits and blue hair, the "Give Your Heart A Break" singer took home a few surfboards of her own. She also gave an award to her pal Miranda Cosgrove, and did the bootie bump with her cohost and "Glee" star, Kevin McHale. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday night, right?

Check out more photos of Demi Lovato at the Teen Choice Awards after the jump.

Photo credit: Getty Images/Kevin McHale's Twitter