Selena Gomez Makes Us Jealous We Weren't Invited To Her Birthday! (PHOTO)

Selena celebrates her 20th with a rose-covered cake.

Selena Gomez kicked off year 20 of her fabulous life in a super-delicious way. Not only does she have the gift of being Justin Bieber's girlfriend (a present we would SERIOUSLY give anything for), but she also received this absolutely amazing birthday cake. Really, Selena? Our cake is usually from the grocery store with our name spelled wrong. Yours is adorned with roses, surrounded by candles, and probably has some exotic flavor perfected by six celebrity chefs.

We don't think life could get any better for the "Hit The Lights" singer who posted the photo on Facebook. This is the girl who goes on helicopter rides with her supremely famous boyfriend, and that's a REGULAR day. We can't even imagine what kind of blowout her twentieth birthday would entail. All we'd want is a simple invite, Selena. We know you're busy filming movies, vacationing in Japan and working on your new album, but just hit us with a Facebook invite next time. We'll RSVP ASAP!

Photo credit: Selena Gomez's Facebook