Star Spotting: Coco's Still Got Back, Lest You Forgot (PHOTO)

Hey! Eyes up here!

In this ever-changing world of software upgrades and too many “Somebody That I Used to Know” remixes to keep track of, it’s nice to see that some things never change: like the reliability of the internet to proffer photos of Coco’s enduring rear end. Three cheers for technology, ya scamp!

The reality TV star (and wife to rapper Ice-T) was photographed leaving the BCC Radio studios, where she gave London a memorable reminder of her biggest asset. And while we'd like to go all day with bun puns (zing!) and pondering where girl buys such fanny-friendly pants, we actually contemplate more about who's the most bootylicious lady in the world: Coco or Nicki Minaj? Let's just make this official: We declare a Nicki vs. Coco Booty-off! We're not exactly sure what that contest would involve, but just add it to all the gazillions of other incredibly odd things the internet (and by that we mean BuzzFeed) should document.

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