The Internet Is Sending Pitbull To Alaska. Hope He's Got A Parka! (VIDEO)

Pitbull is headed to perform in Alaska via internet campaign, and he's ready to rock it!

Everybody knows that Pitbull is Mr. Worldwide. He kicks off almost every song by reminding you of his willingness to travel. His life as a rap star has taken him all over the globe, but this Miami boy is about to go somewhere cold. Very cold. Yes, Pitbull is headed to the Last Frontier of Alaska.

It all started with a contest put on by Walmart and Energy Sheets, asking fans to Like the Facebook page of the Walmart location nearest them for a free concert in their town. However, two writers from the humor site Something Awful caught wind of the sweepstakes and rigged it by voting for the most remote place they could think of: Kodiak, Alaska, population: 6130. A month later, the Kodiak location won the contest, thanks to the internet, home of LOLs and cat videos.

However, a smooth dude like Pitbull is never fazed by internet pranks, and he promised in a video to his fans that he's coming to Alaska, he's going hard and he's going in. "You gotta understand that I will go anywhere in the world for my fans," Pit said. He even invited the pranksters who thought it would be funny to pick Kodiak. Script's been flipped. You gotta admit, Pitbull has definitely got heart. We just hope he has something heavier than a blazer to keep him warm while performing. Thermals, Pitbull. They work.

+ Watch Pitbull's message to Alaska and some certain pranksters.

Photo credit: RCA