New Song: Elle Varner, 'I Don't Care'

Elle Varner loses it over a dude on her new tune, 'I Don't Care.'

After the wild success of Elle Varner's "Only Wanna Give It To You" and "Refill," the R&B songstress has returned with a new record called "I Don't Care." Slated to appear as the third single off her forthcoming album, Perfectly Imperfect, "I Don't Care" is a slow jam at its finest and serves as the perfect canvas over which Elle can do her thing. It's also an incredible song to make out to, not that I know from personal experience.

Over a lilting, sexy track courtesy of production duo Pop & Oak, Elle declares that she's completely lost her effing mind over a dude (haven't we all, doll?). "I could just stay all day/ Lay there and melt away/ I'm such a helpless case, case, case/ I've done away with my pride/ They say I'm out of my mind/ Can't even say it's a lie," Elle confesses over the track. Not to worry! You just go right on ahead and be an emotional wreck. We've all been there, and just think of it as inspiration for your second album. (Ahem, Adele.)

Make sure to cop Elle's Perfectly Imperfect when it drops on Aug. 7.

+ Listen to Elle Varner's "I Don't Care."

Photo credit: MBK/RCA Records