New Video: No Doubt, 'Settle Down'

Watch as No Doubt reunite in their "Settle Down" video.

PRAISE! No Doubt's video for "Settle Down" has finally arrived, and it's one of the most beautiful things we've seen in a hot minute. We're talking ZERO FLAWS here, guys. As we already mentioned, the video was slated to feature a heartwarming reunion scene between all of the band members, and may we just say it did NOT disappoint.

Watch No Doubt's "Settle Down" video after the jump. 

At the top of the clip, we see each of the four band members hop into a sick ride and drive from all corners of the world to reunite with one another. Per the clip's director, Sophie Muller: "The idea is they are all driving to meet after having had their separate lives over the last 10 years." Symbolism at its finest, my friends. Once the band lands at the meeting spot, they hop out, hug and start a world-class rager to celebrate their homecoming. Naturally, the band parties and performs atop of 18-wheeler trucks, and the entire thing becomes a wild street hangout that perfectly caters to the song's reggae-tinged party vibe. In sum, the ideal clip in honor of the rejoining together of the best band ever. Oh, and do yourself a favor and take a quick peek at Gwen's face, which looks identical to the way it did in the "Don't Speak" video. No aging, no wrinkles, now a mom of TWO. You do the math.

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