New Video: Goldroom Featuring Chela, 'Fifteen'

If only the L.A. of Goldroom's "Fifteen" video were anything like the real L.A.

Like Randy Newman and Kim Kardashian, rising musician/ producer Josh Legg, best known as Goldroom, loves L.A. The musician's "Angeles" EP is the perfect soundtrack for summer in the SoCal city, soaked with sun-faded synth tones and laid-back electro grooves that sound even better sitting poolside with an umbrella drink in hand. Goldroom's "Fifteen" video is a love letter to the City of Angels, finding guest singer Chela and her friend enjoying a trip to the beach before cruising by East L.A. landmarks including Sunset Junction, Los Globos and infamous dive bar, all awash in what looks like the L.A.-est of Instagram filters. (It's also how we imagine Nathan Williams and Bethany Cosentino spend their day, minus the cats and the weed.)

Watch Goldroom's "Fifteen" video featuring Chela after the jump.

Luckily, like in "Entourage," it only takes ten seconds to get from the beach to Echo Park and back: nothing kills chill vibes like traffic. But the relaxed video also tells a tale of friendship, with Chela flying solo and sad at a backyard party before finding her friend again at the ocean. "Fifteen" delivers just the right dose of endless-summer teenage-dream nostalgia wrapped in a thrifted beach blanket. Share this one with your crew before you hit the water, and use it to appeal to your boss for more vacation days this summer.

+ Watch Goldroom's "Fifteen" video featuring Chela.