Justins Timberlake & Bieber Are Finally United In This Epic 'Boyfriend'/ 'Girlfriend' Video Mashup

Joust of the Justins!

We've pitted Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber against each other because, well, we like a little INTRIGUE. Although Justin Bieber emerged the victor of that round, it appears there's no hard feelings, as the Justins are now collaborating. Well, indirectly, and actually at the behest of Raheemdaplaya04, who created a mashup of  *NSYNC/Nelly's "Girlfriend" and Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend." Belieb it!

There are a few similarities in the videos, certainly. "Girlfriend," which came out in 2002, is a veritable decade older than "Boyfriend," which dropped this year. Also, there's the usage of the conditional tense (though *NSYNC's is actually a smidge more grammatically correct, if we're getting nitpicky about things, and sometimes we do), and the thorough outline detailing all the unbelievable things that would ensue if one were on the arm of either Justin. There's the showboating of the cars we'd get to ride shotgun in once we make it Facebook official. Both videos feature intricately choreographed dance sequences with respective Justins leading the pack. And while *NSYNC's song is more of a courtly love poem to the gal in question, Bieber comes to the table with all of the responsibilities he'll be ready to shoulder. Including fondue. So, what we're SAYING is, it's hard for us to decide whose value proposition is a more sound investment.

I mean, if I weren't like, just a few years younger than his mother, I'd gladly accept Bieber's proposal to go in. But Timberlake? As we've already discussed, you get all the business -- deposits, withdrawals, TRANSACTIONS -- to quote this panda. And both Justin Timberlake AND Justin Bieber are totally on the husband list next time we play MASH. Furthermore, Bieberlake sounds like a vacation venue we'd like to frequent. Frequently. So many Justins, so little TIME. What I'm saying is that this "Boyfriend"/ "Girlfriend" mashup is worth watching.

+ Watch a mashup video of *NSYNC "Girlfriend" and Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend," and watch the originals too.

Photo credit: Getty Images/PictureGroup