Paramore's Hayley Williams Snuggles With Cowboy -- AKA The Cutest Puppy EVER! (PHOTO)

Paramore's Hayley Williams cuddles with her bandmate's adorbz pooch, Cowboy!

It's official: I reeeally want to come back as a famous person's pet in my next life (always shoot for the stars, guys). Imagine being one of Miley Cyrus' pups, Taylor Swift's cat or even a puppy scoring some Q.T. with Paramore's Hayley Williams -- BEST LIFE EVER! With my luck though -- I'd come back as Marilyn Manson's pet tarantula or something.

The Paramore singer shared the photo of her hanging with her bandmate's pup Cowboy on Instagram along with the caption, "Cowboy just giving out free kisses and loving album 4." By the way, is Hayley like, some sort of animal whisper? Girl's beauty not only hypnotizes us and fish, but lil' puppies too!

We just don't understand how Hayley gets any work finished. If we had an adorable pooch at arm's length while in the recording studio, we'd spend all our time making cooing noises instead of singing for the band's new album -- and be even busier sewing tiny outfits for Cowboy! That's why we let Paramore create genius songs while we'll stick to designing a punk-inspired fashion line for dogs.

Photo credit:@paramorestudio

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