New Song: No Doubt, 'Settle Down'

Listen to No Doubt's reggae-tinged jam 'Settle Down.'

We have to wait until Sept. 25 to hear No Doubt's new album, Push and Shove (waiting = pure torture), but thankfully, we've got their new single, "Settle Down" to keep us moderately sane until then.

After a cinematic orchestral intro, Gwen and the gang slide comfortably back into their reggae-tinged roots. Miraculously, Gwen's vocals (and also her face!) haven't aged one bit, and as the sing-along style chorus kicks into gear, get ready to wake up and find yourself in a massive rager somewhere on the streets of Jamaica (you're also left wondering how the eff it's possible that Gwen looks this good and is a mom of TWO, but that's an inquiry for a different time) as she sings "I'm fine/And nothing's gonna knock this girl down/It's gotten complicated that's for sure/But you can see it my eyes/You can read on my lips/I'm trying to get a hold on this."

Listen to No Doubt's "Settle Down" after the jump. 

Though we've only seen some unfairly short clips from the forthcoming Sophie Muller-directed "Settle Down"video, we have learned that it features a heartwarming reunion scene between all of the band members. Sophie explains: "The idea is they are all driving to meet after having had their separate lives over the last 10 years." EMOTIONAL! And we can't wait. Unfortunately, we totally have to, so in the meantime, I'll just crank "Settle Down" on repeat and discuss how No Doubt's reunion affects me with my therapist. Oh, like you don't!?

+ Listen to No Doubt's "Settle Down."