Video Premiere: Jack White, ‘Freedom At 21′

Jack White puts the pedal to the metal in his Hype Williams-directed video.

Jack White can’t drive 55. Who knew? Not me. I definitely knew that Justin Bieber liked to drive fast in his chromed-out Fisker Karma, but Jack’s giving off a classic American muscle car vibe in his latest clip for “Freedom at 21,” from his Blunderbuss album. And I’m way down with the Steve McQueen hat tip and with the way law enforcement handles things.

Veteran video director Hype Williams directs the B-movie/ grindhouse-style clip, where Jack, as his dapper self (can’t leave the house without the hat and a feather-covered guitar strap and the SICKEST mirrored sunglasses) blazes up and down desert roads trying to escape a sexy lady cop, all set to the sickest, slinkiest guitar riff imaginable.

+ Watch Jack White’s “Freedom At 21″ video.

As he tries to escape the officer on his tail, he hallucinates about a woman in thigh-high leather boots crawling on the hood of his car. Maybe Hype and Jack were watching some ’80s hair metal videos (or Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights” or My Chemical Romance’s “Na Na Na…” video) for inspiration. Oh, and when he gets thrown in jail, he encounters the HOTTEST CELLMATE EVER. (Warning: side boobage.) HELLOOOOOOO, NURSE!

Anyway, if Jack White’s biggest problems have to do with a bunch of women chasing him and getting locked up with a chick who looks like Megan Fox (and finding himself in a Josh Homme showdown), then I’d gladly trade lives and suffer the legitimate drawbacks of being better than everyone else at playing the guitar.

+ Watch Jack White’s “Freedom At 21″ video.