Star Spotting: Rihanna's Summer Is Better Than Yours (PHOTO)

Rihanna's tubing adventure in Barbados far outweighs our deflated backyard kiddie pool.

If you thought Rihanna was opting for a low-key summer after last year's extravaganza, then you may or may not be tripping. (By the way, "low key" probably doesn't exist in Rihanna's vocabulary.)

Rihanna was recently snapped tubing (or whatever you call that? I just know it's not an Olympic sport) with friends and simultaneously reminding me that my own wild summer of slapping on SPF 75 while wading in a kiddie pool is just pathetic. BRB, Photoshopping photos of myself onto Rihanna's life. Again.

Rihanna, where your SUPERYACHT at?!

The "Where Have You Been" singer has spent the last few days in Barbados to be closer to family after the recent passing of her grandmother, but she also seems to be enjoying the time back home with some water sports. Per usual, Ri's looking like an absolute goddess sunning herself on that boat, but we're dying to know why she isn't soaking up rays on a SUPERYACHT this summer?! And don't go telling us it has something to do with the shaky economy these days, 'cause Rihanna just topped Forbes' highest paid stars under 30 (along with BFF Katy Perry!). She could probably afford to buy every single one of us a gigantic boat AND still have some extra coin left to buy each one of us our own lake to float it on. (Isn't it like, tons of fun pretending to be Rihanna's friends!? Weclome to our favorite past time.)

Photo credits: Islandpaps/Splash News